Help! The bird won't be in motion contained by its hold!?

I am bird sitting and the one question I forgot to ask is how to take the bird back contained by the cage. He is sitting on top and squaks and tries to nip at me when I budge near it beside a perch or gloved hand. I don't contemplate he likes me. I obligation help NOW!!
Answers: Ditch the perch .. Ditch the glove .. This will merely make him batty even more and want to squawk and run away.

If you're having trouble, never put a bet on down - remind him that YOU are boss, not him.

Get a towel and gently drape it over him, and remove him from the nouns. Calm him down a bit by talking kindly, and then put him posterior in his pen.

I had to do this plentiful times with my previously not control African Grey. He was so stubborn and we have the same situation. 3 months next, he's the best bird any bird could be.
Just be patient. He'll turn in his round up when he's tired and hungry. Try putting a treat that he likes surrounded by the cage.

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