New Cockatiel?

hi! m just gettin a unknown cockatiel & i wz just wnderin if u guys cud giv me sum tips. Ive don my resrch so i hav a preti gud belief of wot 2 xpect & what i ned, but i wz also so wnderin bout da litle inside bits that only ppl who hav have cockatiels no bout, e.g for a first timer which is better male or feminine.(by the way self like a nice temperment one that like cuddles and would be happiest sitting at my shoulder 24/7 lol my own special dream :) it says females are better but ego jsut like to be safe) & wot kinda toys r best & how wel dey bond to the owner and MOST IMPORTANTLY lol how cn i stop its poop flyin al ova da hearth rug my mum would go berzerk! lol! do they hav thos bird diaper thingies within the uk? and how gud are dey 4 ur bird? not danger or anyfin are they? jsut wnderin if any benevolent ppl out dere cud, help me self reli apreciate it. thnx! :D by da way dis isnt sum stupid 14 yr hoary hu decidd she wnted a brd, ive dun my rsrch, spent 2 weeks scouring the network! :D sry bout gramar neded space
Answers: If you leave him out of his coop and handle him habitually he will be a snuggler. as for poop, it actually comes up really natural. we let our bird hold free run of the house (remember to keep wing clipped though!) and all you enjoy to do is take a corner of a dissertation towel and lightly wipe the mess. Its actually pretty solid, not what you cogitate of bird poop to be, and when you dab it it usually adjectives sticks to the towel and then you can purely throw it away. we never had any staining or anything. However, if the enclose is over carpet, do put something beneath it or you may get staining at hand. They are messy eaters!! I found my male is alot sweeter than the feminine, but we got her when she be older, wheras he be just a little one chick when we got him. Also as soon as we get the other bird our birdie wants not much to do next to us anymore. so If you want a devoted pet, don't get another bird, BUT please product sure you have the time to be equally devoted to him as resourcefully. Birds are very smart and should not newly be left alone within a cage. As far as toys, buy a few and rotate them. but unknown ones every so often and supply them to the rotation. keeping things new is switch, birds need advance. If they get too bored they can start spine plucking and such. Also, you may want to get a shut within with a grate. In the squally, cockatiels are ground feeders, so even if he has fresh food available, he will still stride around on the floor cage drinking seed. If the coop is not clean this can motivation a problem. the grate will let the nut fall through and prevent this. also, a wider pen is better than a taller cage, as they resembling to have room to stride around. Good Luck!
i can give u 1 tip. other play with your cockatiel, and tender it lots of attention. i got one, but didn't play next to it much, and he turned out to be the meanest bird! u cant go practical him because he hisses and bites. so play with your bird regularly if you want it to stay friendly. ^^ best of luck!
Doesn't event if it's a boy or girl, they both can cuddle. Males are known to be more determined, but I have a Latino Cocktail and still don't know if it's a boy or girl (my vet think it's a boy)but he doesn't talk at adjectives. Make sure that when you get the bird, thats it's handfed. They are particular to be more cuddly and attached. Mine is sweet as can be. They are all different so you will hold to give him a few diff. kind of toys to see what it likes better. Have fun, here awsome birds. Just keep the hold clean and wear elderly t shirts when it's riding on you shoulder. It's going to poop, there isn't anything you can model what you talking in the order of with the diapers. Just receive sure to clean up after it and put blankets down around the hold and wash the blankets weekly.
freshly spend as much time with him so you can achieve to know each other, a glowing bird is usually a good bird and trust me when you know your bird you can give an account when he is happy and you can also speak about when something is wrong.
with toys lately make sure that he nor his toes can obtain stuck and don't push something new onto him too hurriedly they can get frustrated and other make sure that you are loving and long-suffering.
good luck

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