Are cockatiels across the world friendly or did i receive lucky?

i bought a breeder pair and the 7 week outmoded baby they be still feeding. tot was aggressive at the breeders house, bit her tricky when she tried to show him to us, but ever since we brought him home, he is a big sweetie!!! he begs to be taken out and loves to be beside people, will fly to you if you dont take him. i was told handfed babies be the only nice ones but he is parent raise and you cant find a friendlier little guy.
Answers: That's wonderful! Enjoy him.

I've only be around one Cockatiel - my sisters - and he was a lovely , cuddly little guy too.

Birds aren't evil or connote by nature. Their temperment depends so much on their enviroment and how they are handle.

I laughed when I read your post. Our Grey bit the personality who hand feed him before we get him, but with us, he is a really friendly cuddly lovebug.
No they are not really that friendly most of the time. my cousin have one that was singular friendly inside the cage. He would enunciate hi & lift his leg up as he did it, but save for that that bird was pure evil & did not want to be bothered.
Just lucky! They can be difficult save handled allot in the past you get them! Especially since you hold the parents as well and he still desires to come to you, that's unusual. Congrats!
Cockatiels are bright an social birds and obviously you are doing right by your spanking new addition. It is true that hand-raised babies tend to be friendlier, but you acquire yours at such a young age and directly from the breeder. Proper handling and socialization at a babyish age is the key to why yours is so loveable. Many birds start out surrounded by a pet store and have other birds to interact next to. They also do not get the one on one socialization near people that they involve.
Congrats on your new adornment!

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