how can you tell if a impersonator is cold or hot?
Answers: When domestic birds feel cold, they customarily puff up their feathers and their feet are cold to the touch. Because they dont enjoy sweat glands to cool themselves off, when they are hot, they pant. But they are cold blooded animals, so small change in temperature dont cause them discomfort as much as it does humans. Birds are bred to live within certain temperature and conditions. Crows will go out within the dead of winter and it doesnt bother them where on earth as if you put an african grey in the winter cold, they probably wouldnt ending long.
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For one, get the impression the birds feet... if he's overly hot or cold, the foot are a good place to start. Normally, if a bird is cold, it will ruffle it's feathers up and sit still, almost as though it's wrapped itself within a blanket of it's feathers... Be careful - they can get hold of sick one way or the other (too hot or too cold...) What charitable of bird?
birds when they are really hot will have their beak wide break open to lose as much heat as possible.if the weather is really hot administer them as much ventilation as you can,and ensure they own a container of water to go swimming in .the sea evaporating of their feathers helps to cool them.
Usually, when a mimic is hot it will tighten up its wings and preserve them close to its body, it might also open its mouth and pant. When a mimic is cold, it will fluff up all its feathers and sit contained by one place.
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