Albino budgie?

My little Fembud is pure white and has the red eyes. Under the lights she become an irridescent turquoise colour. Anyone else have this beside their albinos?
Answers: This is what is known as the "mother of pearl" which consequently is NOT a true albino. It would then be call a White fallow split to blue pearl if you be to do the genetic make up.

Most society don't even notice the coloring on them. You of late happened to be one of the few. Admire the exquisiteness of her and put her on a good diet, and she'll live a long enthusiasm. If you keep her on the core diet, you'll lose her at a young age of 4-6 yrs.

Good Luck!
Ive never hear of this before... she must look stunning - both white and turquoise...

I picture it is the way the flimsy refracts off the white feathers that cause this effect!

Lucky you!
Luuuucky!! I've seen one past but not nearly as beautiful as you describe yours to be. Have a nice hours of daylight

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