Anything else I should supply to my record?

Just a list of supplies I hold for a pigeon I hope to get from a friend:

Eye dropper

heat pad

dated t-shirt

Bird seed

mini first aid kit(it mostly have band-aids in it)

the pigeon MIGHT be an egg if I enjoy a chance to seize it.

Anything else I should add on to my account?

(no jokes please)

Answers: You should not be getting an egg, nor a baby that have not been weaned nonetheless.

Pigeons produce a "crop milk" that they feed to their babies. There is no hand-feeding formula explicitly as rich, or that has the specific nutrients that a tot pigeon needs. Hand-feeding formulas close to NutriStart are designed for parrots and parakeets and cockatiels, which enjoy very different nutritional desires than pigeons. NutriStart has one and only 8% crude fat - not sufficient for a pigeon.

Also, what do you deliberate you are going to use the band-aids for? You can't "band-aid" a pigeon - it has feathers. Band-aids won't stick. If the bird is injured, you will requirement to take it to a veterinarian who can show you how to properly heating pad a bird.

I hope the old top is for you to wear when you are handling the pigeon...if you think you are going to put that within a box for the bird to sleep on, forget it - it will get matted in it and suffocate.

Get rid of the heat pad - to be exact a tragedy waiting to happen. The bird can win seriously burned on that. If you do things the right way, and draw from an adult bird or a babe-in-arms that has be weaned, it will not need a fry source.

I would add something like 5 books on the care of pigeons, and how to tilt them properly. Do you have a pigeon coop primed for it for when you bring it home? If you do things the right way, and obtain an adult or a weaned tot, it will be flying either when you procure it or shortly after. It is not safe to consent to it fly around in your house - too abundant things to get hurt on - and if you agree to it fly free outside, it can become the victim of a predator, such as a hawk. Peregrine falcons surrounded by particular prey on pigeons, but so do tons other species of hawk.

I really hope that you rethink this whole item, Checkers. I have have pigeons, and so have closely of my friends. I have found that it is other better to get an full-size pigeon for your first bird. Maybe get a two of a kind and let them angle some babies for you, if you really want babies so badly. Then, you will already be used to handling the birds, until that time you have to operate with babies, and the babies will hold the proper nutrition from their parents, but you will still be able to assistance raise them. Also, pigeons are colonial surrounded by nature - they obligation others of their own species to socialize with. If you capture a pair, and consent to them raise babies, they will be better bad physically and psychologically.

Good luck.
If this egg hatches, what will you nurture the baby bird? I dont reason they are ready for core when first hatched....

Do you know how long past the egg hatches? Maybe your friend is pulling your leg? (or your egg!)
You might want to hold an incubator instead of a heating wipe. That way you won't accidently burn and massacre the baby egg. Also you necessitate special bird formula that looks kind of close to yellow milk if i remember right. I'm sure you can ask a pet store or vet almost the formula. I just found this site more or less baby bird formula that may be useful. I'll keep looking for more. Good Luck.
you should ask a vet create its a big responsibility... its the worst experience to have a kid die on you... you never forget it... dont take any likelihood... enjoy and enjoy fun!!
I’m wondering why you would need the items you scheduled.

Eyedropper - I take it you are going to use the eyedropper for feed. A syringe with no hypodermic or a small spoon with the sides bent up is what is used.

Heating wad –You need an incubator for an egg. Incubators not single regulate heat, but also moisture. Some pretty gruesome things could appear inside that egg if heat and humidity level aren’t closely monitored. Do not put your egg or baby bird on a heat pad !

Old t-shirt – Do not use T-shirts for bedding. 100% cotton diapers work for bedding for a yong bird. NO shavings or corn husk litter! Shavings hold dust that will be breathing into its lungs! Corn husk litter breeds molds and bacteria. Birds poop... OFTEN... approaching every 15 - 20 minutes, anywhere they happen to be sitting when moral fibre calls, so you will be cleaning up after the little pooper A LOT. If you don’t similar to the idea of self pooped on and constantly having to verbs up bird poop, do not get a pigeon.

Bird Seed – Do not nurture bird seed to a tentative baby bird! They entail a hand feed formula until they are older. Do NOT use formula expected for humans or other animals!
Seeds and nuts are a source of fat and protein, but not much else. Do some research for the proper diet. Look online to find list of foods that are toxic to birds – there are foods that are out of danger for humans, but will kill birds.

Band-aids ? That one have me stumped. Band-aids are not an item I’ve ever seen surrounded by a bird first aid kit. - This website have a bird first aid kit record.

A note on feed – if you are getting a newly hatch baby, you will most probable have to nurture it around the clock depending on the species. If you accidentally get formula into its lungs, it will die inwardly minutes unless it was individual a very tiny amount - within which case you will have need of to take it to the vet on the double. If the formula is too cold, it will not digest properly and will just impact contained by the crop and rot killing the kid bird. If the formula is too hot, you can burn the baby’s crop - this can also lead to departure. If the formula is mixed too thick, the babe-in-arms may choke and it can also become dehydrated from scarcity of liquids. Too runny, and your babe bird will become malnourished. It is imprudent for a novice to paw feed little one birds.

Another item to have on hand– Cash for vet bills. Don’t give somebody a lift on a bird unless you are willing to fork out the money for checkups and any medical attention your feathered friend might inevitability.

By the looks of your list, you are vastly unprepared and misinformed about what you will obligation to care for a kid bird. It was greatly good of you to wish advice on civilized for the egg/baby bird. That was the smart entry to do. If you are smart enough to do that, later you should be smart enough to lug some good direction: Get an older bird, not an egg or an unweaned infant.

Heating pad... my god.

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