All bird lovers, obligation some relief identify this bird.?

All shots of same bird.
Answers: I'm guessing by the other bird photos you have on Flickr (inidgo bunting, ruby-throated hummingbird) that you live somewhere contained by the Eastern US. That's Carolina Wren territory. The eye stripe narrow it down to either Bewick's or Carolina, but with the sole purpose Carolina Wrens have buffy underparts and completely brown tail. Looks like you've get yourself a Carolina Wren. Enjoy!

P.S. This is not a thrasher. The tail is shorter than the body and the eye stripe is too strong. It's a wren.
It looks to me like it is some type of thrasher. I'd peril a guess at a brown thrasher, but I could be wrong. I'm out of town so I do not have access to my 20 ID books.

It sould also be a type of thrush. But I'd say it be a brown thrasher.
Looks like some type of woodpecker bird.
As someone else mentioned, it does appear to be a wren.
Where do you live?
looks similar to a brown thrasher or a nuthatch
A Thrasher, maybe a non typical Sage Thrasher or Brown Thrasher. Maybe a hybrid.
That is a CAROLINA WREN. I own them at my house every spring and summer. Fascinating birds. Very similar to a thrasher. They make the manly put together 5 nests and then they choose the one they want to lay eggs contained by. Would be nice to have a hubby build 5 houses, next choose the one you want to live in. Hahahaha!
They build within very small places, tiny birdhouses, a sack of nail in the barn, surrounded by a wreath on your door, in a fern lifeless on your porch. any where that might be contained by out of the rain.
Here ya walk.
It's not a thrasher at all.
Thrashers enjoy a much longer, boat shaped tail and Brown Thrashers at least hold speckling on their breast and no eye stripe at all.

It plainly looks like a Carolina Wren to me.

BTW that's a fabulous looking Indigo Bunting!! I live within Florida and I've never seen one.. so that's great.
Definitely Carolina Wren...resembling a few others have answered.

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