4th hours of daylight beside parakeet and i call for a answer!! plz plz lend a hand!!?

today is the 4th day ive have my keet and i was wondering if u suggest maybe training could start today?? or I don`t know just permit her out in the bathroom for a while while i discuss to her and stuff thanks so muchhh o and she doesnt fly away when i put my paw in the hold so what do u think? gratefulness again!
Answers: If you take the bird out "NOT IN THE BATHROOM" they will fly and crash into the mirror and I don`t know seriously hurt themselves or worse.

Try taking them out in a bedroom (ceiling fan off) doors closed.

Option 1: Open cage door, see if bird will come to door, place mitt / finger at birds feet and allow bird to climb up at it's tread do not force.

Option 2: Open cage door, place paw inside cage and allow bird to step up.

Option 3: Open hold door, allow bird to come out at own pace.
I'd possibly try to get her to step up on your finger or of late gently stroke her chest to procure her used to it. Don't do much more than that the first day. She's one and only been at your home for a few days so she's still getting settled within and used to the noises and such at your home. Let her out for some exercise but emphatically keep an eye on her and speak to her like you suggested so she get used to your voice. I'd just work on getting her used to self by you by doing the finger stroking and trying to get her to step onto your finger by stroking down her chest and next pressing your finger above her legs on her chest but not much more than that in the first week.
If she seem comfortable with her surroundings, I would vote now is a pious time to start. Remember to be patient when working beside her. Start with the essentials, such as stepping up and coming out of her cage on your appendage, if the door is wide satisfactory. Start working on finding a treat she likes, so you can afford it to her when she does something right. Budgies like small foods, so you can chop fruits and veggies into small bite sized pieces for her. Just stay detached and never scold her for anything she does wrong. Take your time and she will start to work beside you much better as time goes on. Good luck and congratulations on getting a unknown bird!!
The first step in training a bird is have their wings clipped. If you've never done it enjoy so. Then check this web site out www.birdscomfort.com they hold free info on how to train your parakeet. Good Luck!!
I would try. Your budgie seems to similar to you alot. I think the bathroom works honourable. I traied my cockatiel in their. I also chock-a-block up the sink about 1.2 and inch and he played contained by it. Just be sure that the toilet, closet, and door is closed!

Hope you get him trained and please email me beside any questions!
Cockatiel Expert
You must produce sure you can get her to step up on a stick every time you ask her to. Make sure her wing are clipped before letting her out for training. this will ensure that she does not carry hurt trying to fly around a room she is unfamiliar next to. Once she accepts rides on your shoulder you can hoof it around your house with her on your shoulder (wings clipped). Make surely sure all window and doors are closed and there is nil in the kitchen or rest of the house that your bird can bring back hurt on. Make sure there is nought the bird can eat (like plants,chocolate cigarettes) that will build it sick laying around.


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