Has anyone have their birds dampen bottle stop working.?

My friend told me this happened to her birds and they died. Her son be watching the birds while she was away and he thought they be ok. There was other water surrounded by the bottle. Then he found them dead and the bottle plugged or packed up. She said she had three birds but I don't know if they adjectives died. She was defensibly very upset. So this query is also a warning for everyone to view your birds water.
Answers: This is the number one common sense why I don't use water bottles. Birds must enjoy fresh clean cold hose in verbs containers - every single day.

Water surrounded by bottles gets reheat, is subject to bacteria (as most are plastic), and they FAIL - frequently. Sometimes the float sticks and does not the allow the marine to flow, or - allows all of the river to drain out. Water dripping into the cage, can mete out mold and fungus growth.

Many pet stores and breeders only use hose down bottles. When people purchase these birds they will requirement to use both water bottles and dampen in bowls, until the bird data out how to drink from a bowl.

If you must use water bottles - other use more than one per cage - they should be thoroughly wash, refilled and checked respectively time to make sure they're working.

Many population use water bottles to preserve birds from soiling their water, however, this can be done beside open hose down dishes, as well. Covered nut and water dishes are available, which give a hand keep the food and hose down in the containers, and keep the birds from pooping in them. Never place perch above food or water dishes. Some birds similar to to hang on the pen, above the dishes - this can be prevented by hanging colossal toys in that nouns - above the dishes.

I have have more than 100 rescue birds pass through my home. All of them be "water bottle" birds. Once they cultured how to drink from a bowl - they never returned to the water bottles. It proved to me that they will drink from a bottle if that's the just option - but adjectives preferred fresh open hose in bowls. It's just about odd - I'd to some extent have a cup of fresh cold water, than heat up stale water contained by a plastic bottle for myself.

I recommend, and use stainless steel cage cups for food and marine, they are safe, durable and smooth to clean - unlike wet bottles, and plastic feeders.

I don't travel. There are very few ethnic group I would trust to care for my birds. An inexperienced personality could easily overlook conspicuous problems. Young family member can make bleak pet-sitters - spending very little time gentle for their charges. Caged birds are often forgotten and neglected. An experienced individual would have notice that the birds had no dampen on the first day.
Listen to Suzi. I would NEVER use a hose bottle for my birds.They do get stuck and too much microbes can form in them because they are so unyielding to clean.Water bottles hold on to the birds from pooping in them; but is it really worth the birds natural life? I am so sorry about your friends birds. That is a especially sad entry to happen.

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