Anything else nearly this?

I'm hoping to pick up a baby pigeon from a friend on my trip to LA subsequent week. I have some supplies I plan to whip with me but is in attendance anything else I need to know?

(no jokes)
Answers: What manner of supplies are you getting?

Well, if it is weaned, then adjectives you'll need is some nurture (chicken feed or frantic bird seed will work), grit (I prefer PVM powdered mix of oyster shell, charcoal, and granite but a usual chicken grit will be fine), and a chicken water container piece to put water surrounded by - which can all be found at a local nurture store, pet store, or Tractor Supply.
If it isn't weaned, you'll need those things for when it get older, plus some child bird food from a pet store and probably a heat light.
You may also want to pick up some Terramycin-343 at a feed store. It fight bateria problems and is good to preserve pigeons healthy. I suggest you get hold of a weaned pigeon, for they are more likely to survive than a babe-in-arms one. Newly weaned pigeons are prone to sicknesses so if you get Terramycin, supply it some in it's river when you get it home to prevent anything from making it sick.
What type of pigeon is it?
I could make available you more advice on it if I know what type it was.
Fancy breeds are more expected to get sick, while homers are a bit more tough. If you entail any help or hold any questions just about how exactly you should take vigilance of it, when you should let it out, if it get sick, etc., you can message me anytime. I've had tons types of pigeons for a long time, and my dad did too when he was immature. So there isn't much we can't answer in the region of pigeons. Plus I have a handy book call "A Flying Vet's Pigeon Health and Management" that I could look in for counsel on diseases.
Where are you going to keep the pigeon? In a loft or a shut within?
Do you have/had pigeons before?
Do you live within the city or somewhere with a pious sized yard?
Are you planning on getting more to tilt, or do you just want one as a pet?
I know I'm supposed to be answering instead of probing, but I'd really like to lend a hand you and those are a few things I'd need to know :]
I could contribute you websites on pigeon health/management, medicine/supply providers like Foy's Pigeon Supplies, and other things.

Hope I help
- Becky
Don't know...what supplies do you have, and what do you know?

How outmoded is the baby pigeon? It should be weaned since you attempt to take it home and bump up it.

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