Does alka seltzer really kill seagulls?

Yes. They cannot burp or pass gas. It makes them explode. It is really gross and it is inhumane. You can go to jail for it.
I also heard about this and it's really sickening. Some people are really derranged.
yes it does it makes there stomaches explode

i have done this to see if it really happens and it does it can also be done with other birds too.. also i was young and didnt know any better but i look back on it and i do laugh since they were good times had at the boardwalk but i do feel bad about it
yeah people do it here they like blow up or something i never done it i think its wrong but people do it all the time
yes ive done it the segals dont have a digestive system so they dont fart or birb alka selzer forms a gas in there stomach making them explode
when we go deep sea fishing this seems to be our skippers favorite passtime he says it makes good chum for the time we go we will be using a different skipper
try it urself and find out also video tape it and post on youtube

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