Cockatie Nest?

Hi My cockatie just laid 3 eggs and my daughter took a amazon box and cut a door style and she put it on the bottom of there round up. But the top of the box is open is that ok??

What humane of box does my cockatiel need and is the box the my daughter made ok for her??

Answers: The box your daughter made is fine if the cockatiel will walk in it. You can cut out a top for it using some massively thick or doubled cardboard. Using some duct cassette, wrap around the entire box and over one edge of the cardboard so you can glance in if needed.

You should put some pine shavings within the bottom to cushion the eggs. If you can't afford that, you can cut some brown paper heaps into thin strips afterwards cut the strips into small pieces. 1 1/2 inches of nesting material will be only just fine.

If she doesn't sit on the eggs, they will spoil. Simply discard them and hopes she lays more eggs in the box.
If you don't hold a pair of cockatiels (male and female) the eggs are infertile and won't hatch. However, a hen who have decided to "hold a family" may continue to lay eggs if you thieve them away from her, so giving her a place to set on the eggs until she gives up is a pious idea. She will stop lay eggs when she has the clutch size she desires (usually 3 - 7) and will then incubate the eggs for around three weeks or a bit longer. Eventually she will realize that they aren't going to hatch and will ignore them; you can then soundly take them away from her.

If you do enjoy a pair of cockatiels, they should own a regular wooden nestbox like this:
near bedding in it to incubate their eggs and elevate their chicks.

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