Are chicken eggs adjectives right for lovebirds?

I keep reading adjectives these recipes to nurture my lovebirds but they all voice to use an egg. does this meen a chicken egg? One time i was told that chicken eggs hold a lot of bactieria contained by them or the shells so you shouldnt give them to your bird, becouse in that bad for them. Is this true? how copious of you have given your lovebirds chicken eggs?
Answers: Eggs are polite in set quantities for protein.
You shouldn't use the shells though, although it give calcium. The shells have microbes on them. The eggs themselves are fine.

My cockatiel loves eggs.
are they recipies like "birdy bread"? inflict they need to be baked and the fry will kill any microbes.
Yes you can feed your birds eggs. As near humans there are no problems next to COOKED eggs. Ricos favorite breakfast after pancakes is scrambled egg and unbuttered wheat toast.
I never give my lovebird chicken eggs to sit on!
Chicken eggs are fine for adjectives birds. Boil for 20 minutes and cut it in partially. Then put half within the cage contained by a little cup. Birds Love them ! Boiling kill all germs and the eggs and the shells are safe. Remove the egg after 4 hours or so.
Yes,you can serve chopped hard-boiled chicken eggs to your birds (just similar to you serve humans) and you CAN include the shells whcih gives the birds an extra source of calcium. I don't deduce you need to boil an egg for 20 minutes though as one character mentions. I believe hard-boiled eggs only appropriate about 12 minutes if you hold 4-6 in the pot at alike time.

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