I feel my parakeet is roughly to die...What should I do to cope?

Its 12:16 a.m. right now, Nov. 6 2007. My white feminine parakeet is at the bottom of the cage...staying still, constantly closing her eyes, still, and he feathers are all puffed up. It's too overdue to do anything now...I made her as comfortable as possible for her later day/night/morning. I'm prepared for the worst, and I still have hope, but its not looking obedient at all right in a minute. Any help would be appreciated. There is also a manly parakeet in the hold, but is leaving her alone.
Answers: I am completely sorry to hear that, you are right it does sound approaching she is about to leave behind.
When you love something it hurts to know that one day it will be gone forever.

I write bird blog roughly birds. Not long ago I wrote about how to operate with the loss of your bird and how to business deal with it.


It may not come across obvious, but if you hold more then one bird contained by your home you need to investigate the make happen of the birds death. Failure to right away identify the cause of loss could end up costing you even more birds.

The simply good instrument to find the cause of loss is to take your bird to a qualified avian vet and enjoy an avian necropsy (autopsy) done. This will help to identify any disease that may be transmitted to the rest of your birds, poor diet, or other robustness issues.

If the bird died as the result of an accident, be sure that the problem is corrected so it won’t surface to other birds.


I am sometimes amazed at the attitude of people. They do not appear to understand how attached family become to their pets. After spending their day next to them, caring for them and playing beside them, a huge bond develops. The loss of that pet is devastating!

The entire grieving process is no different then losing your parents, children, or best friend. First, in that is the shock of their death. Time freezes, zilch is important any more. They become bewildered and depressed.

Then anger sets contained by. How did this happen? Who do I blame? Was this the exact of something I did (or didn’t) do? Guilt and fear whip over your life.

Depression sets within. They feel saddened by the loss, drained of vigour and overwhelmed with mood.

After some time passes, agreement takes over. They realize that their natural life will never be the same, but they must verbs. But they will certainly never forget. And near the help of friends, they will eventually get better from their loss.


A pet owner will never forget their loved one. And there are a few ways to continue to honor them.

Make a donation to local agencies that assist pets. The Humane Society, a rescue agency, or even for research. There are several organizations that do research into different bird diseases that can always use the support.

There are several websites that own set up memorial sites for your pet. At http://www.rainbowbridge.com has a virtual pet burial ground where you can post pictures and other information in the order of your pet. They also have a grief support center if you basically want to talk.

Plant a tree, shrub or flowers to honor your pet. Keep pictures of your pet around your home.

But never, ever forget your pet.
I am so sorry that this is ahppening to you. I hold never had a bird but my end three fish the night previously they died have stayed on the bottom of the cistern and sat within, and in the morning they are limp.
Please remember that it could just be tired. I would scheduele an appointment for a vet within the morning because if it doesn't die it might need some give support to, and even if it dies at least you know you own done your best. Keep your hopes up, and remember to comfort the bird through this process.

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