Are at hand any "treat" type foods birds resembling that are respectable for them?

I have two birds. One of them i other have on my sholder. Are in attendance any foods that are good for birds and that they resembling?
(it's a parreket)
Answers: There are a lot of sound treats that your bird may like.
Others hold told you about fresh fruits and veggies. You might also consider dried fruits or veggies. Dried crushed hot pepper are a favorite with most birds, and can be found surrounded by the spice section of grocery or discount stores.
Don't overlook drinks as a treat. My wife drinks marine in 20 ounce bottles beside a teaspoon of lemon juice added. Our Quaker impersonator likes this so much that he immediately refuses sweet fruit liquid in favor of this on form natural drink. We put it into a small jar lid and hold it for him to drink while he watches TV next to us.
Popcorn is a whole crumb, and our Cockateils love it.
You can also make "Birdy bread!" Start near some whole pellet flour, add an egg for protein, and consequently mix in some drained can veggies such as corn or green beans. You can even crush up the eggshell and add it for calcium. include a little dampen and season with nut seasoning like dill kernel or celery seed or crushed hot pepper. Bake in small teaspoon-sized servings, or fry suddenly on a nonstick pan using no grease. Make up a large load, and then freeze some for latter. When you want to serve them, thaw one or two and freshly sprinkle with river and microwave for a few seconds. Serve heat up, but not hot. Birds adore "Birdy Bread!"
Healthy and tasty too!
yeah you can bequeath them fresh fruit such as chopped banana, apple and pear. not too much as it will make them hold stomach upsets
Pet stores and some department stores have these bar that have seed stuck together by honey. I used to have finches and they loved them.
Fresh fuits and veggies are other good! You only just have to permit them try different ones until you know what they like most. But, DO NOT provide them avaocados!!
Nutri Berries and Avi cakes are both treat close to foods that birds will readily except. . both are doctor's choice.
There are many treat type foods for birds.

Join the Yahoo Group "Feeding Feathers" and look up "species diets". There will be one for Parakeets near lots of suggestions. There is also a section beside recipes for birds.

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I other recommend this Group for people who enjoy birds. It has deeply of very angelic information on diet and nutrition for birds.
A really good treat is pieces of carrot, most parakeets love them. You can also try cheerios and any other type of fresh fruit, biddable luck and have fun!
harrisons small bird diet contained by extra small bites, no waste and fully life,, and fresh fruits and veges,,, for supplementing.. beth

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