After wing and toe clipping my bird is sleeping closely and smaller amount hearty.?

4days back my blackcapped conure is taking extraordinarily frequent and long naps. its smaller number noisey, less sparkling and overall pretty lethargic. I notice the toes have be cut far too short and they had bleed. but the pet store didn't appear to be too concerned and they applied some kind of powder to stop the bleeding. since the bird is home her toes grain warmer than usual too. can anyone offer me some advice on whether this condition is of serioius concern? I am afraid the bird might die due to the stress or lasting pain. i can't amount out. Someone who has face this please write something hopeful.
Answers: It takes a couple of weeks for domestic fowl to snap fund from a tramatic experience. Fill your bathroom sink or bathtub1/2 full of luke warm hose down & give your bird a hip bath... This will help it have a feeling much better, plus he'll want to "preen" hisself, thus activating his mind to take to feeling better. Give it 10 days - if nil has changed, afterwards be more concerned!
I personally cant read out Ive had this problem I clip adjectives my own birds and their toes. Frankly if your truely concerned call your vet and ask them most will make a contribution advice more or less this over the phone so you dont have to pilfer them in. Is it still drinking and drinking the same? I enjoy to much invested in my animals to hang about the 10 days as the person above me suggested though she might be right resembling I said I dont know..Would you wait 10 days if it be your kid?
If there be bleeding, there is a potential for infection. It could also be that your bird is depressed. I have my bird's wings clipped once and he be depressed for a couple weeks... I'll probably never clip him again if I can avoid it. I would double check with a vet to be on the out of danger side, and have the vet show you how to clip the birds wing and nails yourself- it's much smaller amount traumatic for the bird and pet store people don't other know what they're doing (I work in a pet store, so you can trust me on that one...). A appropriate avian vet will be able to show you how to do it adjectives yourself- you can find one at
For some birds, it's very instinctive to fly around freely and be able to climb surrounded by the air (clipped birds can float, but not gain height. Well, most of them at least) and know how to hang on to their perch or to your clothes tightly with sharp nail.

To have those two aspects taken away, added to the bleeding, it's immensely likely that your bird is stressed. Spend some time near it, feed it treats. Millet sprays can relieve during stressful times.
This could be due to the stress of the services preformed by your pet store. I would highly suggest that you rob your bird to the vet if he does not snap out if it in a few days. If the bleeding have not totally stopped then you do entail to seek sustain from a vet. You can avoid any unpleasant side effects like this contained by the future by finding an avain certified vet that does grooming for your bird. They are much better at handling situations close to this.
Anytime regardless of of any other issues if you "the owner of the bird" sees a drastic adapt in your bird after you need to pilfer it to the vet. You are going to be aware long before anyone else if something is wrong, purely listen to your gut!
The stress and trama that a bird goes through can effect stress like symptoms to present close to the ones you mentioned, lathrgic behavior, not active or noisy seems depressed. So help yourself to it to the vet to be on the safe side.
pious Luck!

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