Does anyone know why my duck lays an egg inside another egg. This have happen several times. Thanks, David?

I have a Peking duck. She lays an egg almost every hours of daylight. She lays extra large jumbo eggs. She have laid an egg within an egg several times. The outer vein is thin but solid. The subsequent layer is adjectives egg white. Then there is a fully formed commonplace extra large egg. The in one piece egg is extremly large. It looks approaching a goose egg. The egg is as big as a grown man,s large appendage in lenghth and is almost as voluminous around. I am going to take a picture and mesurements on the subsequent one. We live in North Carolina and I nurture her and my two Kaki Campbells regular laying pulp from Southern States feed. Thanks for the aid. She is a very correct duck and her name is Ms. Quackers and she have never been bred so the eggs are not fertile and I pick up the eggs everyday.
Answers: Is she still a young-looking duck? Ducks ( and Chickens too ) when they start laying appear to be more prone to double yolks and double shells. My Pekin ducks sometimes had double shells. Don't remember the Muscovy duck doing that though.
sounds intresting

I enjoy no clue
but you should
post some pics

and see if you can
sell them on ebay

I would suggest going away the eggs there. She is seriously depleting her calcium by constantly lay eggs. If you leave them nearby, she will sit on them until after they are supposed to hatch and then avoid them when they don't she may or may not lay more egs after this time. More times than not, she won't lay another clutch for a while but by taking the eggs away she is replacing them everydayso she can raise them. There is no injure in newly leaving them.

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