What does it anticipate when a impressionist jackhammers it's beak into your fist?

I've just gotten this Eclectux impressionist and it loves to do this at night when she is out of the hold.
Answers: The age of the bird makes a difference. If your bird is youthful, just weaned afterwards he/ she is soliciting a feeding. Most breeders cut out the dark time feeding second and so this type of behavior is most likely to evolve at night.

If your bird is a grown adult, over three years weak, then the bird is trying to nurture you. However, I suspect your bird is young since this is up at night and since it is going on to your hands. The breeder would be using their hand to feed a little one therefore the bird would gravitate toward your mitt. Adult birds would try to feed your hand, face and any other bit of you.
It may not like to be held. Put a gooey leather bird handling glove on when holding this bird.
Sorry if this isn't what you meant, but is she species of tapping her beak against you repeatedly and her eyes are pinning (pupils are growing and shrinking rapidly)?
If so, it money she is very excited and playful. My bird loves doing this. Watch out that she doesn't attain overexcited though and starts biting.
My senegal does that to my hand when he is excited. I surmise he is just playing.

Maybe your ekkie is afraid of a big fist contained by it's face.
She's any playful
or she's intimidated.
If it's sometimes accompanied by hissing, or occasionally a pinch, she might be startled of your hand.

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