Are my lovebirds too older to lay eggs? Do they own a max age after which they cannot lay eggs?

I have a trio of peachfaced lovebirds who appear to have bonded as they groom respectively other and all share indistinguishable nest!. Two of them have mate many times over 4 weeks but 5 weeks down the row the female hasnt laid eggs.

Im pretty sure that the two that hold mated are masculine and female as own done my research.

Could it be that they are too old to be have eggs, or is there any other apology apart from the possibility that they both could be males??And any signs of old age within lovebirds
Answers: Usually after being 6-7 years dated the egg laying slows a bit, but they still can lay. Its freshly not usually recommended if you are a breeder. Your birds also might be too young if you don't know how infirm they are exactly. If it's been a few weeks and zilch, then you might enjoy 2 females or 2 males "mating" with respectively other, or just infertile lovies. Laying eggs usually take place roughly 10 days after mating. If you enjoy never had them DNA sexed to be without doubt certain if they are mannish or female it's unyielding to say, since you cannot report the sex for sure otherwise. (pelvic sexing is not very reliable) Since they give the impression of being to want to mate but there are still no eggs, I'd lean towards perchance 2 males. Males can form bonds making you think you enjoy a male and feminine.

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