A not long get a cockateil he have stopped chirpin?

a had him downstairs after moved him upstairs where he be quite bright and breezy when a realised he was muted a fetched him put a bet on down now he spinal column upstairs he quiet could it be cos a moved him he ingestion and drinkin fine
Answers: birds like to be kept contained by the same environment... so moving him around will disturb him abit. maintain giving him lots of attention and stop moving him around and he will soon settle back down :)
He like to be with you and hold a chat,they are friendly little birds,i had mine 14 years.he died of a heart attack 6 years ago,i still miss him.
yes it is because you moved him.They are territorial and so when you move him he feel out of place.Try to find a place that he can stay contained by all the time if you do bear him down stairs just pocket him with you if he is break enough.
A tuning of surrounds can do good but can also do the contrasting he has have to adjust to his new realm now you hold changed it round again it will take some time for him to settle down again if he is feed o.k. then here is nothing to verbs about.
Moving your bird around is unsettling for him. As a relatively strange bird,he's just get used to one place,when you move him,and he has to attain used to another! Birds are social creatures and like company. Try to will your bird in one place,where on earth he can see/hear others in the household...
Moving him too much might stress him

But afterwards again, cockatiels don't chirp all daylight long. They're most vocal during the morning and impulsive evening.

They will be quiet for period of time, and that's normal

But still, don't move his enclose around too much. He needs to bring used to his new environment.
He's get the house moving blues.
Silence is frightening to birds. If it is very still and calmness upstairs, he will be still and quiet too. If upstairs is where on earth you want the bird, play the radio softly for several hours in the sunshine near his shut within. Birds generally snooze every day. If you don't mind him self where you are, he should be comfortable moving around upstairs and downstairs with you. Out of hold time is essential to parrots. If he is house-train, you can carry him on your paw or shoulder. You are his friend now and birds are loyal and steadfast. He will not achieve depressed from location, rather frustrated by distance from his friends and "family".

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