Animals man cart bad surrounded by dirty trucks to be slaughtered?

today i was waiting for my bus to receive home when i smellt somthing really bad. i looked up as a big truck drove by, crammed near little boxes that were fully of dirty feathers..or so i thought, they be actually thousands of chickens that be crammed into little boxes that were stacked, and when one go to the toilet guess where it would be in motion.. the poor things are cooped in hot weather and driven fot hours and somtimes days to conquer the slaughterhouse..nice huh? i looked it up and the mortality rate by the time they reach the destination is astonishing...tons dont even make it at hand and the ones that do are treated horribly..they are knocked out of they are lucky..regularly they are thought to be dead when they are scold in boiling wet to remove feathers, but some are still alive and feel it adjectives happening.they are tortured and afterwards chopped up to be neatly package for shops.and people to stuff their face with. i cant believe they produce so frequent animals and treat them like this..
Answers: This is why I'm a lacto-vegetarian and much healthier than others who choose to drink hormone loaded, tortured and killed animals. We're animals too, and at this point surrounded by time, we should be intelligent enough to know better and know they belong here just close to we do, and are not here for us to do what we please with them.

I'm ashamed of most humans, I can't relate to them, make you wonder if those that are fine with the slaughter enjoy less developed brains than those next to compassion.
I am aware of this... I watched some video and read about it. It's horrible and it made me cry. :(
yup, ppl in our time, especially in north america, guzzle too much meat. there are already too abundant humans for this planet to support (which is why i'm not going to have kids), and meat animals, unless from a local tend are mass produced and treated in this craze. if you don't want to give up meat, but eliminate to support this, then buy locally from someone who raise and butchered there animals on their own dairy farm. this way you can see the conditions the animals are within. otherwise you can become a vegetarian, and only just get your protein and iron from other sources.
PETA is adjectives over this stuff, but it's not going to change of late because of them. the market for those ppl have to crash in instruct for them to change their ways.
to buy locally look within the newspaper and any other ad online or in other local papers. here will be listings. and remember, if you do eat meat, you should lone be eating more or less the size of one of your fists a day, otherwise your overdoing it, it's not fine for you or the planet.
Would it make you perceive better if it was a verbs truck? Chickens eat poop, they really don't trouble if stuff is clean or not. Have you ever see a chicken in the rainy? They are not any cleaner lacking us. Really you have no point here. Animals devour chickens alive all the time and they stay alive wha'll getting ate.

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