Are tot budgies more involved next adults or are adults more influential after baby's?

Will adults whistles more consequently young ones, because i enjoy a young one and he chirps once within a while when he grows up will he be more active and whistle?
Answers: It is more base on their personality, than how helpful they are at any age.

Like any other pet, like dogs or cats, immature budgies will go through stages of appaent "hyper-activity", but to be exact only because they are still research what their limits are, but the environment around them will influence them like mad as well.

If, influence, you pay your budgies little attention - merely the each day feed, rapid "hello" before work, afterwards come home to cover their cage for the hours of darkness, they will not have much interaction next to you, and will generally hold on to to themseleves.

The more you play with them, acquire them used to you, the more they will become relaxed around you and often show signs of exuberance and affection, like sit on your shoulder or chirp.

They really single chirp however, for social reasons, such as when they hear other birds outside, and will habitually chirp to et their attention, much like we chat with friends and people.
well, i know that babies are more flexible than other elder people.
yes, u r right.

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