New Quaker copycat?

I think its a he, and he is almost 9 weeks ancient. I have no theory what to really expect with this little guy. I bought him from a breeder, and he is greatly tame. Very sweet bird so far, but does appear a little moody at times. resembling anytime after 8pm he dosent want to be messed with. Any suggestions as far as concern? He has a pretty big coop, I feed him seed, dried fruit and sunflower seeds. I work adjectives day but when I attain home I pay as much attention as possible to him ( until 8pm when he requests to be left alone )
Answers: Proudparront is right as usual!
Our Quaker also tend to get tired surrounded by the mid evening around 8 to 9 o'clock.

As to the diet, you have hear about pellet . To see a great many types of pellet and other birdie supplies go to . I resembling to use a very rough fruit and nut enriched pip mix and then add on pellets, crushed eggs shell, diced dried fruits and veggies, coconut flakes, oyster crackers , oats, medicated chick starter, chopped nuts, and some moral breakfast cereal like cheerios. My final mix comes out nearly 20% seeds.

However, our Quaker join us for dinner each darkness and eats pretty much one and the same things we eat. You should find that your Quaker will adore fresh salad ( no dressing ), can veggies ( corn ,green beans , peas are favorites ), and cooked warm oatmeal . He also loves pasta of adjectives kinds, and soups( he is contained by heaven when he get to share my clam chowder! ), cassaroles , and is rerally fond of cooked rice! Cheese is a special treat, and fresh fruits. A little non dairy whipped topping is a greatly special treat!!

Just be sure not to give him chocolate, caffeine, avocado, alcohol or nut of apples or peaches or apricots. These are poisonous.

It sounds like you spend adaquate time near your bird. If you are interested in taking him outside you might catch him a Flight Suit from . Not only does it allow you to undamagingly take him outside and to other places, but it have a special diaper to keep him, you and the surroundings free of little messes!

If you enjoy more questions please perceive free to E-mail me.

Good Luck.
I have FOUR birds and their the exact same mode, after 8 they just don't want to contribute in ANYTHING that's fitting that you pay as much attention as possible but does he live surrounded by a dark piece of the house...birds cant see all that in good health in the darkened so try turning on lights but other words idk.

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