My chicken broke her leg at the knees (type) united. How do I set it? Is here anything I should do?

Anyone have any direction?
Answers: Hi,
My advice is to put her within a quiet, isolated nouns with lots of soft litter and verbs, fresh food and water and consent to her heal on her own. Don't put her beside other chickens or let her run around to much or she will stress it and it will make well badly. You don't want to splint it or anything. From my experience chickens don't like have splints on, they pick them off. It really dosent assist the healing process much, and if you dont put the splint on right it may restore to health wrong. You would have to changeover it several times a day. It will probably treat fine without a splint.That's why I wouldn't splint it if I be you. I've had tons of chickens rest from broken legs this way. I need you and your chicken best of luck and hope she gets all right!
You should get your bird to an Avian vet.
If i.e. not possible, you can try setting the leg by placing 2 Popsicle sticks along the outsides of the leg and after wrapping it snugly but not enough to restrict circulation beside surgical tape.
Most times it will give somebody a lift a vet to know how tightly to splint the leg, and if you wrap it too tightly it will cut off the blood supply to the leg.
I repeat that unless you are an expert at this you may do more wound than good. And even if you do it right, the probability of a broken ball-and-socket joint restorative well contained by a chicken may be remote!!

Good luck
Keep her quiet and settle down. Do call a vet specializing contained by exotics or birds.
take it to the vet.

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