Advice please around 'tiel person boarded..?

I am moving back to Hawaii and am required by Hawaii State Law to quarantine my 'tiel at the vet for 168 hours. I am worried that she will develop a impossible habit ( barb plucking/screeching) because she will be in a strange place. I confess that I have inferior in a path. Tookie isn't a very social bird near other people ( I am a thoughtful of loner). Is there any counsel that you could give me? I am sending her contained by her cage beside her favorite toys/food/treats and her cage cover. Is at hand anything else that would be helpful to her/me? Should I "visit" or not? Will it engineer her more upset? Please any kind of warning or just comments would be thoughtful. Again I am required by Hawaii State Law to quarantine her before landing surrounded by Hawaii. If she lands without the required quarantine and paperwork, she will be euthanized on-site.
Answers: Please do call round her, she will miss you so much if you don't. If you visit her she should own issue with plucking but she may christen out to you when you are not there but to be exact ok. You are a great person to do so much for her so she can stay beside you. Most would dump the bird. Lots of toys are great and buy some others for after she is in quarentine so she have something new to keep hold of her busy. If you don't have a shredding toy seize one that helps hold on to them busy. Or any chew toys. Thing wood toys are great. Mine love shredding toys. Good luck.
I'm sorry but what is a 'teil?
John: a cockatiel!
I would say I don`t know put a shirt of yours in near her(one you wore so it smells like you). It will hopefully comfort her. This is a tough one though, moral luck. I would also say to look in her(that way she know you are always within and didn't abandon her) I know it will adjectives be fine!

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