A second cockatiel?

Ok, so i got a bright cockatiel about 1 month ago at petsmart. Hes a pearl name ozzy. He about 4 months out-of-date.
I go to university for 6 hours a day and hes unfamiliar to not getting so much attention like he used to during summer.
He's not plucking, simply whining.

Could i add a second tiel?
Does the age between them business?

and he keeps making a jingle that sounds like nail on a chalkboard, what does it mean?

He's adjectives lovable when he makes that resonance but he sounds pissed!
Answers: Well, I see that you have several replies to your examine. Most of which probably did not help you.I own been breeding different types of cocktiels for decades very soon and I have a rock-hard time with some of the answers you get. I didn't see anything about breeding within your question. I would however not put a unusual bird in near your current bird until you are sure the new bird is tough. That's pretty much common sense, nice of like when kids move about to kindergarten, they all fall up sick. This is not that big of an ordeal. BUT back to YOUR put somebody through the mill. If you feel that your bird is lonely, consequently both of you will have to brand name some adjustments. First, take off a radio on while you are at school. Ozzy is used to you self around but I am sure he did not see you every minute of the day, so He will adjust. When you are home, engender sure that you pay attention to him. Come within the house, and go to the hold and talk to him. If he is used to coming out of the shut within, then permit him out then. You can also procure him a mirror. This will let him conjecture that he has a friend. Don't be surprised tho, if he starts to chatter at his friend and forget about you once in awhile. IF you establish that you want another cockatiel, age does not really matter and neither does sex, as long as you are prepared for toddler cockatiels. If you don't want babies,(which can be a lot of work)another masculine will be just fine. They can draw from along as long as the cage is big plenty and they each own their own dishes and toys and plenty of perch room. You may have to win a larger cage. The disturbance you have be hearing is most promising the grinding of his beak. I know it sounds different sometimes and without audible range it I can only guess but sometimes it can procure pretty loud. Its fine but you may need to grasp him a cuddle bone. Most of all, don't stress, Ozzy will adjust. Cockatiels stipulation attention and sometimes lots of it but they are extremely intelligent birds and can be very lovable and great pets.
Consider getting a second one- they live human being in pairs.
My brother get a second one a couple of years after having one cockatiel alone - no problems!
I answered a press similar to this a couple of minutes ago

Getting another bird is actually means of access harder than just spending some more time beside your bird. You'll need another round up, more toys, more food, and most of all, you'll entail to quarantine. I have a cockatiel and I jump to school. She have lots of toys in her big round up and I let her out when I come home, and most of the year on the weekend, and she's happy and fine. If any of your parents stay home during the daylight, they can help next to giving the bird attention.

Back to quarantine.
Quarantine takes A LOT. They'll requirement to be in separate rooms next to separate ventilation for at most minuscule 30 days. And you'll need to dry-clean your hand and possibly even conveyance clothes between handling them. After that, there's also a chance that they won't gain along. Or if they do get along economically, your current cockatiel might become unbonded to you.

And also, if you get another tiel next to an unknown gender, it can result surrounded by unwanted breeding. Breeding is not recommended for you because 1) you requirement experience and 2) it will take a hell lot of time and physical exertion, and distract you from school

And this staple on a chalkboard sound is him grinding his beak. He's not pissed. In reality, he's happy and of late resting.
Why would you want to get another bird, when you don't enjoy the time for the one you have? That vehicle two birds, twice the time(that you don't have for one bird, consent to alone two of them), twice the time to clean two cage, twice the money, twice the poop, twice the vet bills, Come on where is your go before?

Quarantine is 60 days not 30 days! Plus if they don't get along you are taking the risk of one of them anyone dead! Yes that happen if they don't get along.

Take the time and read the question on this board. The problems that people own when two birds don't get along, or the breeding problems they own with the chicks, of splayed legged babies, inert babies, parents not feeding the babies and babies dieing not here and right and they don't know how to hand nurture them, nothing to put the babies within for heating them, and the enumerate goes on and on and on.

People aren't prepared for putting two birds together and the reprecusions of their engagements of breeding poor genetics of the birds. No, they purely think that somewhat bit of their time is just to much, so i'll lately put another bird in the coop. Before you know it, they get more later what they bargained for and the rescues are padding up by the dozens.

Stop and think. Is it better to spend time near one bird now, or a bunch of birds that want nil to do with you then?

Your bird will adjust to the time that you spend with him. Take the time out of your busy rota and spend time with your bird. It is the bird you bought and promised to lift care of for the rest of his go, isn't it? He only have you to rely on!!

I'm sure you understand how he feel if you put yourself in his talons!! He really one and only wants to be beside you, not another bird.

Good Luck!
First off I would connect a cockatiel yahoo group. They can help you out plentifully with abundant questions you own. Educate yourself by reading all you can on the internet more or less cockatiels. You can do a google search. More cockatiels way more work but it would cure his or hers lonliness. The only problem near that could be that he or she might get close to the other bird and after they wont want you to touch them. If you are gone a lot and you want to enjoy only one next put if by a window so that it can acquire a lot of mental stimulation and put toys within there. Do not tolerate the sun get on the bird though, as it might acquire too over heated. And in the winter they can ge too cold so scrutinize that. He is making noise bring he is happy to see you. Cockatiels are similar to other creatures contained by that they may meet another one and not approaching them at all. Have you ever met someone and right bad the bat you knew you would not resembling them? Well, they are the same opening, I had 2 that a moment ago tolerated each other. They be not happy. Join a group and read adjectives you can. Good luck and email me anytime. Tina

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