Another parakeet?

I got my bird a couple months ago, Ive be making great progress with him. I get him to sit on my shoulder and hed let me pet his tummy. But college started this week and Ive been going away home home alone alot for long period of time and very soon I can even come close to him. In one week months of work down the drain! But thats my fault and I want to get hold of him a friend. I'm willing to buy a bigger round up for the two but how do I introduce the two, do I have to gain a smaller cage for the contemporary one or what. Im trying to do it the easiest/cheapest way possible.
Answers: The best agency is to buy a larger cage, steep it with tons of different toys and perch and spend an hour after school near him. That way he get the excersise he needs and he will over tiem eventually bond next to you. That is the cheapest way to do it, as okay as the least stressful for him. Getting another bird would propose Quarantine for 30 days, then a slow gradual introduction. Just spawn sure he has profusely of toys and spend time with him on a daily basis. Your relationship will improve over time. Buying another bird and caging them together will just weaken your bond.
ok sounds dutiful to me but it will be twice as hard when one of them dies
Getting another parakeet will formulate hime even less friendly than he already is. If you enjoy a mirror in his shut within it will also cause him to not be as friendly because he think that his reflection is another bird. The aim parakeets are friendly to people is because they are instinctively social animals. If you are the only point they have contact next to they will want to be nice to you. If you have a mirror contained by there you may want to bear it out for a while and continue to try to hold him when you find home from school...If it doesnt work and you want him to own a friend then bring back a slightly bigger cage and basically put the new one surrounded by there.
Getting another bird is truly way harder than of late spending some more time with your bird. I own a cockatiel and I go to institution. She has lots of toys within her big cage and I tolerate her out when I come home, and most of the day on the weekend.

But if you categorically can't,
Buy a big cage.
Put your current bird surrounded by the new shut within, and wash the old-fashioned cage and everything within it REALLY WELL with Dawn dish soap, RINSE THOROUGHLY, and afterwards soak it in vinegar for just about half an hour. Buy seriously more perches (NO sand perches) and toys (avoid metal that isn't stainless steel) and put them surrounded by both cages.

When you grasp your new bird, you own to quarantine it. Quarantining isn't just putting the bird within another room, or upstairs, it has to be completely separate from your current bird. As contained by, if it's warm plenty, you can quarantine it in your garage. Or if your current bird hasn't be in your underground store and the basement can be closed bad to the rest of the house (meaning there's a door), then you can quarantine within your basement. It's best to own then contained by areas with separate drying as well. You hold to wash you paw between handling each bird, and if the bird have touched your clothes, you have to progress your clothes too. It's very sturdy, and quarantine takes at tiniest 30 days.

After these 30 days, put their cages contained by the same room and hold them get au fait with respectively other. Then put their cages close together, and you hold bring them both out and have consequently play together. After this, you can move the new bird into the big round up, as well as some toys that be in the out-of-date cage.
Stick near just the one bird. They require attention, and beside you being contained by school, you will enjoy to schedule time to spend next to your bird. he/she will be bonded to you if you are consistent with your training programme. Make sure he/she has plenty of toys and space to play while you are away. You could also sort a tape video recording of your voice for him/her to leave playing while you are away. Another bird will solely slow your progress further if not completely.
If you take a second one, remember, it might be more difficult to tame them! If you hang on to working a bit with the first one earlier getting another one, it'll be much easier to train the second one, too!
Parakeets in the raging live in flocks of over a hundred, so he's probably giving you the cold shoulder a short time ago because he feels a bit solitary. Getting him another bird friend could help him acquire over his loneliness, but he may become less friendly towards you. Another process could be to give him several toys, or put surrounded by a few mirrors. But when you do have some spare time, spend it adjectives with him. If you hold some homework, let him hang down out with you so he feel included. You should be fine. Good Luck!
im sorry but, it would be harder. you cant just put a alien bird in a round up with the other bird a short time ago like that. you would own to have another pen just for the alien bird until they r use to each other. and you first bird is going to be frightened when you put him surrounded by the new enclose just resembling he was when you first get him. hope this helps and dutiful luck!
If you want a companion, NEVER put two in a coop. If you want to do this a cheap way, don't do it. How cheaper can you find.

Remove a mirror, bobbing bird, or happy hut and you will be fine. SEE how cheap that be?

When you come home from school take hold of some cheerios as a treat and head for the coop. Make sure the wings are clipped on the bird and you will own no problems. It's as simple as that, it really is.

Oh, make sure the hold is stable and not hanging. If you stipulation to email me, then do it.

Keets engender wonderful pets if you keep them single and by themselves. Mine is 28 yrs ancient and he's the most wonderful bird i've had. Email me on the diet tips.

Good Luck!

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