I want a bird! Which characteristics u suggest on gettin...?

i have no expriences on birds but my cousins and sunties have one. I love animals sooo... help me. also are nearby any websites i can go to to find nice birds. I big-heartedly want a parrot
Answers: Buying online can be risky, and foolish over all surrounded by my opinion. The biggest guidance you can get is to do lots of research and to converse to breeders and owners before buying your bird.

Since you enjoy no experience make sure you take a smaller bird. I would recommend either a budgie(Hard to find a breeder though), lovebird, parrotlet, or a cockatiel. All are honourably quiet and smaller, and can be more independent. Most are reasonably inexpensive, the parrotlet though will run about 200 though. Make sure you catch a roomy cage, and that you return with a hand feed or hand raise baby to go and get the most out of your bond. All these birds need at most minuscule an 18in x 18in x 18in cage, but bigger is other better as long as the bar spacing is the right size. None of these birds have need of bar spacing bigger than 1/2 contained by.

Budgies are great if you can find a breeder to get a socialized, nourishing baby. Petstore budgies may be cheaper but they are regularly not socialized and also there is no gurantee just about their health.

Lovebirds are such sweethearts, but they suggest they are big and bad at alike time. They can become territorial so providing them with a contented hut or something of that sort for them to be territorial of rather than the in one piece cage can backing. They can also be other bird agressive (some will go after macaws!!) so if you plan on tally to your flock keep this within mind.

Cockatiels are very jammy to find and make wonderful pets. They can also be territorial, though contained by my experience nto as much as lovebirds and not as agressive towards other birds as well.

Parrotlets are vastly fun birds to won. They are very much similar to a mini amazon in their attitude as they can be rather saucy. They are very sweet and some owners describe them as loyal.

Whichever you desire make sure you do lots and lots of reading to cram which will fit your budget and lifestyle best so you and your new plume friend are happy.
You open-handedly want a parrot? Interesting, indeed. I read out... flamingo.

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