Any opinion what would gross a diamond dove drag itself around on its at the back,can fly a bit. warble?

Answers: Hi Steel,

I haven't got much experience next to birds but if it is a female could it be egg-binding? (Some info going on for this on the link below.)
In which bag she would need high temperature as a first aid.
But you should take her to the vet to capture a proper diagnosis and treatment.

People here on try their best to share their knowledge from experience but it is other risky - most of us are not practising vets and our warning should never be regarded as a substitute for professional veterinary nouns and diagnosis.

Best wishes for your dove, I hope she will get better soon.
itchy bum ??
clutch it to the vet.
Mites? or could be Egg bound if the latter fetch in to a heat up environment I made a Hospital Cage out a box and 60.watt bulb has proved it's worth.Otherwise it's sour to the vet unless you know of any other breeders in your nouns,is it a male bird ,if so he could be getting frusrated?
Tip for Mites put teaspoon of T.C.P. In 1pt.of sea then put within the drinkers,

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