Amazon discussions when I'm out of room?

Answers: This is most birds! I have set up a video recorder and taped mine chitchat when I am out of the room. Sometimes I would not believe its the same bird because when I am contained by the room all my bird does is shout.Makes you wonder sometimes!
Bird use talking and, ill-fatedly, screaming, to communicate over distances.

So when you leave he is in actuality calling out to you. If you talk to him when he starts discussion to you, he will learn those word rather quickly.
My birds address when they think not a soul is in like room with them.Funny things they are.
Our Quaker parley a lot when we are out of the room too. My wife believes that he is practicing his words so that he can speech to us better. Sure enough, he is constantly coming up near new words and phrases that we didn't coach him!
try covering his cage and dimming the hurricane lantern in the room later talk to him he will eventually find used to talking to you and appropriate the cover off a short time bit at a time try this and see if it helps .
he's only just trying to get your attention
My Amazon is 19 yrs infirm and he does the same point. The other day I be in the bathroom adjectives of a sudden I hear him rattling rotten all kind of sounds and words ,that I have never hear him say formerly. As soon as I poked my head around the corner, he stopped. Then he started up again and I only just started answering back from the other room out of verbs and we chatted for quite a while. They are hugely interesting pets, I wonder how much they really understand, more than we come up with, I'm sure. I talk to him of late like as if he is a tangible person. And I deduce he understands most of the time.
My parakeet does impossible to tell apart thing for no distinctive reason.unusual huh?

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