Apparently chickens are "related" to the tyrannosaurus rex! c, this really true?

i heard this lately, that they are related and chickens are sometimes even said to be the most "closely" related living animal to the tyrannosaurus rex
Answers: I've heard of things such as that. Bird and reptiles do hold alot of scientific/genetic similarities, so it's not too surprising. I somehow doubt that they're the closest relative to a t-rex though..
no way!
Yeah, its true. All birds are related to dinosaurs/descended from dinosaurs.
The third source is the one just about t-rex and chickens
It is true. In a technical sense. Remember, in that is 63 million years between the two.

Chickens and T. Rex are as close as Humans are to the small 'rat' like creatures that be scurrying around during the Cretaceous.
i have an idea that it was within montana, paleontologists found a t-rex skeleton and were going to ship it to a museum across the country. however, the leg bone be too big to fit in the plane they be using, so the scientists had to saw it surrounded by half.

contained by the center of the bone were some remnants of bone marrow and scientists be able to use the bone marrow to interview for the t rex's dna (the dna will "die" when exposed to air, but it be in the center of the bone for the recent past million years, so it stayed in tact)

when they tested the dna, they compared it to other animals on mud and it tunred out that chicken dna was the most similar.

hold you ever seen a chicken claw? looks species of scary and raptor-like!
true true.cmon,we come from one celled bacteria so trex to chicken is no stretch.

All birds are equally related to Tyrannosaurus rex. Fossil evidence shows that the ancestor of T. rex had primitive feathers, and as far as we know, feathers just evolved once, in small predatory dinosaurs. It's these same dinosaurs that also split into the evolutionary rank that lead to Velociraptors, Archaeopteryx and finally... chickens. This essentially makes adjectives birds extant dinosaurs, and as such, the closest relatives of extinct ones, like Tyrannosaurus rex.

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