Are red cedar branches terrifying perch for a conure impersonator?

Answers: Yes, it can be dangerous, sorry to say-so.

Also remember that even safe types are toxic if sprayed near chemicals such as pesticides.
am not sure if cedar would be a safe wood to use, I am thinking no,and wouldn't risk the birds natural life when other woods are safe.

Un-treated -no pesticides apple branches,eucalyptus, magnolia are past the worst woods for birds.
Do a search for safe and sound woods for birds. try yahoo, google and
When in doubt---don't do it.
Check the network for a listing of tree branches that should not be used.
When I cut branches very soon, I always run them through the sanitize cycle of the dishwasher or if smaller, I microwave them for 3 minutes.

I have a BIG problem with bugs coming from below the bark and spent several weeks warfare the infestation.
Better to avoid it in the first place.

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