Am i making prgress near my parakeet?

OK so I got him resembling the first week of august and he isn't hand trained. He used to love to come out of his pen and fly around but ever since my friend(not friend any more) hit his cage beside a chair (I plan to press charges) and threw stuff at him so he would fly he never comes out in a minute. But he seems ok when my father touches him to try to draw from him used to hands(he usually just watches my dad alertly and makes biting motions at his finger beside his beak sometimes lol its adorable). And I love him very much but Im somewhat worried. Have I made any progress hand taming him? btw its presently like september 11
Answers: Well since your friend have a craze attack at your bird, I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to come out. Talk to him each light of day so he learns bright words and knows the nouns of your voice. Try putting a bit of millet in your mitt and stick it on the door of your cage. Slowly, he'll become more and more used to your appendage and soon you'll be able to slowly move your mitt out and have him stay on.
Parakeets are wonderful pets and I am heartbreaking to hear that your friend did that to your parakeet. I had one when I be six and I accidently broken his leg trying to get him from out trailing a dresser.I felt so discouraging and I still do. He had to progress to the parakeet hospital to get a type. As I got elder and we had cats, I forgot to permit him out of his cage and he died of a tumor. I will I had payed more attention to my parakeet, but what is done is done. I hold a dog and a horse now and I love them SOOO much and it is graceful to spend time with parakeet's moniker was Kiwi. I almost get another one when I was elder, but we had a dog and he'd devour the poor thing.

Good luck!
whip a perch out of the cage hold it by his legs discussion to him all the time he will step on it as the year go by slowly more your foot down the perch with your your finger out stretched towards him. Take your time you will get hold of there

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