Are womanly cockatiels smaller number playful than males?

Answers: Nope, not mines. Cookie my cockatiel likes to sing, do while she sings, and play everyday and Dunkin my other cockatiel does the same but he doesn't jazz at all.
Depends on what you connote by playful.

Males tend to be more out going, and really sing and dance for anyone. Females do tend to be more laid put a bet on and "proper".

Both my females like(d) to be with me. One played next to a toy here and there but prefered to a short time ago hang out next to me to get manager rubs. My other destroys toys and gets into everything but if I'm surrounded by the room she wants snuggles and leader rubs. She whistles and parley because she knows she get attention from it.

If you want a more outgoing I'd say a manly does win. But I adore my females.
all cockatiels are fun and bubbly and can sing and talk (potential anyway) but mostly your males have the greater vocabulary when mature.
No they purely don't turn into talkative birds.My girl loves to play but of late won't copy my whistles.
All birds are individual birds. You can't right to be heard one will do this and the other won't. That's like maxim one human race is like as the other. It's impossible to say the females are one channel vs the males. Each cockatiel is different then the other, not one is resembling another. You must base respectively one on it's own accord.

Each one may hold a capibility to learn a trick, where on earth another one won't. Each one is capable of study to talk. And for those of you who THINK they can't, cram something about the anatomy of their muscles structures which is how they do parley. Read my posts, and see for yourself. Female cockatiels have NOTHING different after males but a shorter attention span, which humans lack and wont' transport the time to teach them.

Everyone very soon a days wants things NOW, and done the trouble-free way. People in this day and age are just plain antiquated lazy. Female cockatiels WILL discuss if you take the time to guide them. Yes it takes rather bit longer then males, but their bodies own nothing different later a male.

Just similar to in humans, We hold people born near talents approaching an artist, dancing, relatives who can draw, mathiticians, painters, etc. Birds hold their own talents too. You stipulation to find what talent your bird has and run next to that.

Good Luck!

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