A contemporary Lovebird?

I had two budgies at home, and i brought a modern lovebird in a separate enclose. He is very agitated, trying to draw from to the budgies. I feel he wishes to be friend with them, but they are intensely scared.
I took him out of his pen, and instead of flying away, he went to the budgies enclose looking for some breach to go into it, and bothering and scare them.
What should I do? He keeps moving towards the budgies.
Answers: Listen favourably - the lovebird wants to KILL the budgies. The lovebird should be as far away from them as possible.

A lovebird will be YOUR friend if it is alone. If you achieve another lovebird then THEY will be friends and you will be disappeared out.

Your budgies are very smart to be afraid. To be incredibly afraid. Their lives are at stake here. Please relieve them of stress and move the lovebird to another room
Yes, lovebirds don't like to stay alone, which is why you should own purchased two. For the time being, separate the cage into different rooms to relieve the budgies of stress. And don't be fooled into thinking they want to be friends. If the budgies are scared in that will deffinately be some fighting.
My lovebird have a cuddly friend toy bird. It's a soft toy, which is in his size. He even pretends preening his buddy and even lean on it... lol... so cute!
I wouldn't put the new lovebird together beside the budgies. Lovebirds are known to even massacre one another.
I have read on most websites that it is a myth that lovebirds dont similar to to be seprated from other birds or lovebirds and my lovebird didn't have any mirrors or other animals to "save him company" but he did have a completely strong bond with me from time one so try taking your new lovebird away from the budgies for a while and see what happen. You, your budgies, and your lovebird might thank you.
my first lovebird was raise by himself and when he came to my house the first point he did was break into my budgies round up. my budgies were curious and smartly made friends with the lovie. he of late wanted to be next to other birds, thats all and they official him right away. they have out of hold time together but i wouldnt recomend putting them together in a enclose, if something did happen, the budgies couldnt escape. lovebirds are not adjectives aggressive, my mango is so sweet and playful that even 2 year olds have handle him, he loves other birds and plays nice too. there are too copious myths about lovebirds. some enunciate keep them alone because they are aggressive contained by pairs(not true, i have friendly pairs) and some right to be heard that they need other lovebirds or they die(not true any, mine started off by himself and he is fine!) the article is, that if given the choice, they will pick bird company over human company but they dont become mean unless you negligence them or they just own an aggressive personality from the starting point. if your keets dont like them,keep hold of them far from each other because they can draw from scared to release,LITERALLY. budgies have heart attacks over zilch, so why stress them.
Lovebirds don't necessarily need the companionship of other birds, especially ones of a different species. Sometimes a lovebird can take along with something else, but surrounded by general lovebirds shouldn't be expected to be friends near other species. A lovebird without another lovebird will bond to YOU for company, not the budgies. He may sometime be able to own periods outside of the enclose with them and everyone getting along fine, but housing them together is never a righteous idea. If the lovebird is freaking out the budgies, move them away from respectively other, let them draw from used to being contained by the same house first, and maintain an eye on them all, the lovebird may in recent times be interested or he may want to try and kill the other birds.

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