Are these safe and sound?

She say's bird undamaging.
Answers: Bamboo is safe for your birds. My wife and I if truth be told have a small wicker grove that we planted in the fund yard, and a sprig of the fresh rattan is a great treat for our birds!

The problem is that these toys you have pictured come from China and are painted.
How heaps times in the second month have you hear about toys from China have lead base paint!??

We have stopped buying any toys from China due to this reality! Its just not worth the risk to us !

Good luck!
Hi again! Those are supposed to be ok, but I believe you can grasp them cheaper, maybe have them. If you live nearby, walk there, because I get a really nice, big cage for $100. Also, if the toy is for a cockatiel, later they may be a bit big. Good luck though. Contact me if you need anything.
My tiels hold had them, but weren't really that interested within them.
I would not get them for my birds.

I will articulate that I myself would not buy anything from ebay for my birds. Even if its an excellent price. Ebay stuff comes from peoples homes that you have no concept what they're doing there. They could enjoy sick animals, or be filthy. Depending on the company website I may get something from in that, but most of all I prefer to be in motion to stores and get my toys. Sure copycat speciality stores are few and far between, but I prefer to know where my toys hold been, and hold a better chance they've be somewhere clean, afterwards take a big karma on an auction site. Ya know what I mean jelly bean?

And you probably can procure those cheaper. Shipping costs and all.
They are undamaging.
Any hook-billed bird would love to shred those! They should be quite secure, as long as the dye isn't toxic.
Yes, good price too, but you enjoy to wonder if they had a diseased bird that died or if they are a pet shop. They still could own had birds that you wouldn't want yours to come surrounded by contact with.
yes it's risk-free. Birds love to shrec them apart.
The bamboo is sheltered but you don't know what it's painted with.

You call for a special non toxic paint or dye that's safe for the birds.

You can ask the trader what they've been painted next to.
I wouldnt use them. Just me?

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