Does a parakeet necessitate to sit on its eggs 24/7?

my birds r starting to lay eggs and only one (male) go and sits on them for like five min. and my other coop of birds never sit on there eggs!so do they obligation to sit on them for 24/7?
Answers: They dont sit non stop on the eggs, they do have to bring a break to eat and drink. They know how long they can be past its sell-by date the eggs, they even have the instinct to know whether the eggs are fertile or not, they may even throw out the bleak eggs.

But don't worry if you don't see them not on the eggs adjectives the time, as long a they haven't spent hours out of the nesting area and not on the eggs afterwards you have nil to worry just about, if the eggs get too cold next there is a risk the eggs are any no good or they get too cold.

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