Alex the grey have died. Did his vivacity affect you surrounded by any course?

Did you feel he be super smart or had his true potential brought out by his trainer? Was he basically a normal African Grey, or be he a genius bird?
Answers: Personally it didn't affect me. I know astern the scenes that not a soul else does, so i must keep my personal opinion to myself.

Alex did NOT die of natural cause by the way. He died of Aspergilosis. Why they are hiding this certainty, ticks me off. It's no surprise that he be also a plucker which goes to enunciate he had a problem anyone socialized.

You'd all be amazed at what go on behind the scene that no one know about!!
I be never sure whether he was super smart or freshly a normal African Grey. I did reason he was awfully cool though.
I'm terrifically sad to hear that he have passed away. I think he be very intelligent & his trainer help him show that intelegence by using and understanding our dialogue & expressing himself that way.he be a great little bird & he has shown the word only just how intelegent & special animals can be if you just look & see how wonderful they are. I'm gonna miss him,he be such a cool little dude.
No, Alex's death doesn't affect me surrounded by any personal way.

He be a very intelligent bird that showed us that (1) the occupancy "bird brain" is a misnomer, and (2) what can be achieved through training and social interaction near our pets. Maybe most wouldn't come up to Alex's level (he be very greatly bright) but they can be brought up to be the best they are capable of becoming.
I regard he was a rare talent. I miss him so much. He proved to the people who say-so that animals don't think that they are wrong. They believe he died of Aspergillosis, a fungal infection of the lungs that he has battle in times gone by. He was lone 31. He will be missed and not only by me and Dr. Pepperberg (his mentor) but by the other general public who cared.
Yes his disappearance did have an affect on me. I model the training of my Grey on the model/rival method which was used next to Alex and at 14 months mine can identify colors and shapes. There were plentiful things that bothered me about his go however. His owner Dr. Irene Pepperberg stated that she did not see him as a friend or pet but as a colleague after 30 years of working with him. I wonder, what would it embezzle to be her friend. Alex loved her and tried his best to please her as most loving Grey's do for members of their flock. Dr. Pepperberg also stated that he worked 8 to 12 hours a hours of daylight 7 days a week in the lab, not tolerant! Alex deserved some down time, in certainty he would get so frustrated at times that he would throw adjectives the props and refuse to share. How he died I don't know and they are not saying so I don't know how anyone could surmise what cause him to die. His necrospy showed nothing but out of respect for Alex they did not exam his person in charge. Dr. Pepperberg and her lab partners intellectual a lot from Alex while he lived, let's hope his passing teaches them something as powerfully. If not, his flock mates Griffin and Wart will be worked deeply hard to lock in up to where Alex moved out off.

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