Are cherios bleak for cockteils?

I feed them to her oncee contained by a while as a treat
Answers: absolutely not! All my birds love cheerios- my macaw even say "who wants a cheerio?" You can see a video of him dictum "Cheerio" on my MySpace page
Cheerios are low in sugar and are a great treat for any bird!
Perfectly fine as long as they're plain and not flavored/frosted.
Not at adjectives! They are a good treat. Have adjectives sorts of vitamins and the like...a couple every once surrounded by awhile is fine.

My cockatiels go nuts over them as in good health!
Unlike a lot of cerials, cheerios are faultlessly fine for your bird. My birds like them too.
No they are ok contained by small amounts due to the high saline content give sparingly. Look for cereal low in brackish, there are lot out in attendance like Kashi.
not at adjectives that r great for the bird so give it wat u are and no more
They are fine if they are plane. Only supply her like 2 aday.

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Cereal tends to be lofty in zinc. Zinc can mar birds. Feed in moderation
No. I make a contribution them plain and honey nut as a treat. They can't be any worse than the processed honey seed treat sticks.
As long as she have a regular diet that meets adjectives her needs, the occassional cheerio as a treat will not rationale any harm.

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