what are things to know about next and i know they are screamers but i dont care because i own a macaw that screams A LOT!
but they are still cute and i enjoy been looking for umbrella cockatoo next i found one but is 1200 to much for one or is it just right?
and how big of a round up do they need do they obligation a same cage as a macaw?
Answers: Ok I can honestly answer this one for you. We own 2 males toos one an umbrella and one mullocan. Yeah they are loud and the macaw will just instil them to be louder. If you can deal .. well-mannered! BTW is over the top but the boys yelling at the establishment is about what you can expect.
Since I dont know where on earth you are I cant tell you if the price is right, if your ready to pay for it AND buy a round up that is impossible to tell apart size as your macaw cage move about for it.
Toos need ALOT of time out and even more one on one time. They can be dependent clingy birds, neurotic too Rico my M2 has be a shredder/plucker for years even before I get him.

PLEASE PLEASE research this ... if you have a blue and gold ingots macaw you may want to reconsider this. Blue and Golds tend to enjoy an allergy to the too dander. I have have friends that have have to rehome birds and have have birds die because of it.
I have see them cheaper, but still within that ballpark price. You will have need of a cage to be precise at least impossible to tell apart size as you macaw's. Expect lots of noise if your macaw is already a screamer, this will lately incite the cockatoo.
They are pretty basic birds, a moment ago like any other, they are great mimicers and will screech yes, a big cage is honest. depends on where you are as to how much they are going to be.
One entry I would be cautious near this is that Cockatoo's have powder down and it can effect Macaw's. So if you are going to hold them together get a virtuous HEPA filter.
They would need alike cage as a Macaw, and I devise the price is right.

They are needy, so you stipulation to know that you might have to spend more time next to them then a Macaw. As they are prearranged to pluck thier feathers.
lol sick of the link? The cockatoos will want a cage the size of a macaw respectively. I think 1200 is an average price but you could probably find cheaper within something like a weekly shopping guide where they enjoy the pets in the support or a newspaper personal ad. People say that you shouldn't by from pet stores but I work contained by a family owned one and we run care of our birds better than anyone could... some of us are breeders too! Keep your option open and don't rush into anything. GOOD LUCK!! and I find it awesome that you hold a macaw!! I only enjoy a poor mans macaw: the alexandrine and a few other small parrot!
Hi oh my they do scream and if your macaw get to screaming it will only be paid the Too scream more and louder ( I know impossible right ) so vastly very wrong they are so darn loud and when excited ( i.e a screaming macaw ) will sort them pace and yelp as loud as they can.. and not just a few times could end up to 15- 20 minutes or more continually.. Too's need lots of attention and do not really do powerfully with other birds right sour.. They might never get along and you enjoy to be prepared for that.. When you take Mr.Too out to hang down out and play don't be surprised if he bites you after all you have Mr. Macaw out earlier and he didn't approaching that.. How dare you :).. Too's are a needy mimic and they need so much one on one time and out of the shut within time.. Unless you can accomidate 2 large parrot in your kitchen while you cook squwaking at eachother I don`t know a different parrot would be a better choice :) They enjoy a powdery dust that they leave everywhere and some birds might not be capable of tolerate that.. And trust me it is everywhere no matter how much you verbs up after them.. The other very noteworthy item you should know is they chew.. And I am talking they CHEW on everything.. You can't place the enclose any where in the vicinity a wall or curtains or a doorway or furniture.. They will destroy it within no time.. Make the middle of your living room his space hehehe.. Other than all that they are wonderful guys an occasional nip and mega screaming might draw from to ya but get yourself some earplugs and keep under surveillance what he does before he nip... You will need a remarkably large shut within for him at least as hulking as the Macaws... Remember they bond to generally basically one person so this is also something to have a sneaking suspicion that about.. Good luck
You come across to be someone who can handle a too... well-mannered luck with your contemporary companion if you decide to buy one! :)

One far-reaching thing to information if you already own a macaw and are planning on a cockatoo...
Macaws are especially sensitive to what's in the atmosphere, and that includes cockatoo dust (the stuff they produce on their feathers).

It takes several years for the signs to appear, but a macaw could slowly be getting sick from the dust and develop a respiratory problem which can never be cured.

If you are getting a cockatoo, you should enjoy a good freshening system and not keep their cage in equal room.

Here's an article about it:

Good luck. :)

Oh, and brand name sure you visit (just kidding)

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