Anyone a duck expert out nearby?

ok so my pet pekin ducks are really domesticated but like every time i stroll near them they chase me and try to peck my that agression towards me or possibly affection
Answers: there are tons DUCK experts but most of them live in iraq and lebanon
Its not affection. They are trying to save from harm there enviroment. Its slightly odd though for a peking to be aggressive. I'm assuming you know for sure they are. How frequent do you have? Are they males and females or what? That benign of information is what is needed to figure out in that real end in. Are they laying eggs? Do you confer on the eggs lay? So are they nesting if you do have a mannish and female. So I can individual answer your question by aphorism its not affection.
It all depends on the duck really. All animals seem to be to have their own nature, especially backyard birds like ducks and chickens. Some ducks, despite how domestic they are, will other seem to be on the grouchy side. Muscovies are specified for being biters, which you definately don't want to find out the tough way. Some ducks will chase you as if they be trying to say "This is my kingdom so get out! >:[ " and others may only bite you just because you're annoying them or they don't similar to being crowded. My ducks used to bite on my fingers, toes, clothes, hair, and even my snout if I wasn't paying attention, to show affection. I have raised them within a brooder in the house, and once they get outside, all 11 of them would follow me surrounded by a straight line everywhere I go.
Your ducks sound resembling they're showing affection, because it isn't likely that the undamaged flock (or however many you have) would adjectives come chasing you to try and eat your foot off within a mean opening. Not Pekins anyways, they're normally nice ducks. Unless as expected they have eggs, later that's a different story. Normally it's just the more dominate ones that try to be at odds you.

Hope that helped and report the duckies I said hi :D
- Becky

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