Hens and living arrangements?

hello we are considering getting two or three hens firstly.

(1) do hens make alot of tumult?

(2) ok well we are goin to tolerate the hens live in the garage wich have insulated walls and is abot 6m in length and something like 4m wit. and will have a run built so they can shift in in attendance during the day the run will be approx 3 m surrounded by length and 2 m in wit. how oodles hens would we be able to save?
Answers: Two or three hen should do just fine. Only roosters (males)
variety a lot of clap crowing and will cause the neighbors to
complain. I enjoy 3 hens that I keep within my back patio and they
are just pets. The unwieldy breed make the best pets. They are
incredibly docile. Also bantams make appropriate pets. They are very
small chickens when full grown.
Hens do breed noise surrounded by the morning and evening it is not excessive though. We currently have 6 hens within an area of 8 ft by 10 foot. this includes the roost and covered area. They will turn your garage into a fundamentally dusty mess. I would advise against the garage if you want to use it for anything else.
i own 10 hens and i have never be turned in or told they put together noise and i live where on earth its illegal to preserve them
Not only do they build alot of noise, but they also product alot of mess. So I hope you don't plan on using the garage for anything else.

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