Are here any well-mannered cockatiel or hamster newsletters through e-mail?

im looking for newsletters for cockatiels just because im interested do you know any?
Answers: I really dont know of any sorry. But i did sign up for bird tricks newsletter, its horrific. They send you SO may email and 3/4 of the stuff they vote is crap. Then if you dont click a link they dispatch you in some of the emails they will distribute you an email subject something like "ARE YOU UNHAPPY" "ARE YOU NOT THERE" Its resembling harrasment. I just needed to warn you in the order of them. [] If i find any i will email you or edit this.

Sorry i dont know any at the moment =[
You could probably step to Petsmart or Petco and get magazine there. They own dog magazines, cats, and birds. It's usually a magazine next to pictures, and news roughly certain stuff and cool information.

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