Anyone know where on earth can i establish or attain africann grey eggs for Dutch auction?

hi i am looking for african grey eggs so i can use a incubator and hatch the eggs. i have no experience using a incubator back but wanna try it out. anyone know where they deal in fertilized egg.. thanks
Answers: In most states this is wicked. You can't buy African Grey eggs. Especially if you're completely inexperienced you should not be hand feed chicks.
Dont do it. Although its not easy and you probably wont be successful, any reputable breeder probably wont flog you eggs anyway.
There are a lot of unwanted parrot out there. Get literary, learn something like parrots and next consider adoption.
use chickens first. there cute. consequently buy a parrot at
Oh yea, i own some ice cubes for Dutch auction too, But only at the south pole, LOL
"wanna try it out." ? I wouldn't provide you a hard boiled easter egg!

You wanna try something out, choose a previous time that doesn't involve the possible death of living creatures because of your inexperience.

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