Age of a tot duck?

I found 3 baby ducks hard by the road the other day (mommy be road kill).I went to the nurture store but they weren't able to afford me an approximate age b/c I didn't bring them w/ me. Can any one tell me how to make clear to the approximate age of them. They are small enough to fit within my hand and still are downy.
Answers: They would probable be 1-5 weeks old, they start getting feathers by 10 and undeniably don't fit in your foot at that stage :-) They need some fry (light bulb where they can't get it but can get warm), course food that's appropriate for their age, and verbs drinking water. Good on you for doing the rescue, too several people would hold driven past!
my best theory is about 2 weeks
i enjoy 16 ducks.. and i can't say for sure the age of them.. smaller quantity than a month, obviously..
but adjectives you need to know just about feeding them is pulp feed, at a place close to agway, or a feed store.
they also have need of fresh clean river.
and a 40 watt light resembling from a lamp, or similar should do the brief.(keeping them warm)

i went to the grocery store and get large cardboard boxes, which you requirement to change commonly, because ducks are very messy!!
doesn't hurt to put the media in the bottom..

e-mail, or stop by my 360 if you obligation more help, funny i come across this question.. to be precise what my 360 blog is about today
I regard they may be anywhere from a week to a month old. If they're mallards, they're small for a particularly long time.

I wish you and the ducklings the best of luck.

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