3rd time around?

I had planned on getting a pigeon from a friend while I be in LA quicker this week. Though I was inept to get over to her house since she's going to her Grandpa's funeral this week. Also her pigeons didn't enjoy any eggs or babies. I probably won't get wager on to LA until November.

I'm hoping the parents will have something on my subsequent trip down there(I live in Nevada). From what I remember my friend's birds breed year round if disappeared in like peas in a pod loft and or cage. But I'm not sure give or take a few this paticular pair.

What do you have a sneaking suspicion that?

The male is a purebred parlor roller and the womanly is a roller/homing pigeon mix. Their previous baby died rationale her head be deformed, though I've been told by another pigeon owner that rollers enjoy do have genetic problems.
Answers: I would look at other types of pigeons that are not so prone to genetic problems. I would also meditate about getting a duo of adult pigeons and doing the breeding yourself. It is other best to start with an fully developed as your first bird, until you get used to handling it and kind for it, and working through any problems that arise. And you should not try to hand-raise a pigeon or dove, as they, unlike other breeds, are fed a "ctop milk" by their parents. The a mixture of types of hand feed formula you can get at pet stores are not designed for pigeons and doves. They are for parrot and other birds that do not require the same nutrition. They are not glorious enough surrounded by fat content or protien to be a devout formula for pigeons and doves.

Get a pair of birds from a reputable breeder, one that have experienced no genetic problems with their stock, and allow the parents to do the feed of the babies.

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