Aside from POOP OFF.......

Aside from poop off what do YOU intuitively use to clean your bird cage, rope perchs, toys, and wooden/calcium/lava perches?
Answers: I importantly recommend GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract). GSE is non toxic to animals, birds, humans. It has no inherent toxicity. You do not hold to wash if sour. It is biodegradable. It can be used for mites. It stops bacteria, fungi, candidia yeast, & other bedbugs.

For sparying & washing cage I mix 12-17 drops in next to water contained by a 24oz spray bottle/plant mister. I spray it on, leave it for a few minutes and the poopies come right past its sell-by date!

You can also add 1 drop to respectively 1/2 cup water for your birds (to drink). Mix it okay.

It is even good for humans.

Below are a couple of links from my favorite bird board ( conversation specifically about GSE uses for our birds, aviaries, toys. The Perch is an awesome place to grasp answers to your bird questions. If you desire to join, please tolerate them know I sent you. My member autograph is WonderMomma !

Good luck!
I use "Cage Wizard" to clean my bird cage, toys, perches, etc. It works massively well and have a pretty good smell too!

Or if I don't own any of that...I use a solution of hot water and soap.
That is in reality a name for remover? Ha Ha.
I know someone who say that to people when she
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When I have my parakeet, they didn't have stuff close to that.
I just used well-mannered old detergent and hose.
Hot water, a touch white vinegar and lots of elbow grease with a scrub brush dedicated for birds. When the enclose gets really callous, we take it outside and powerwash it beside NO detergent at all and consent to it dry in the sun. Of course we own a big cage for 2 greys. Smaller cage, I've done this to right in the shower.
i other use soap, water, and a scrub brush
Canopy have a great product out for the same purpose. Works great and don't transport as long to work, they also have a product specifically a preventer and it smells like red. It blocks the fecal matter from building up contained by the first place. But nothing beat the good hoary elbow grease of pure hard work.

I've used copious products on the market over my almost 30 yrs and i own to say Canopy works great.
Soap and river...
The cage-saver sponge ($4 for a sponge, I know, but it works!) is GREAT! It gets the gunk bad the bars and perch with almost no go, and it doesn't scratch the bar.

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