A Homing Pigeon As A Pet?

Is it possible to keep freshly one or two pigeons without a loft or a humungous round up? I do plan to let them outside to fly around, but is it possible to hold the cage inside during the dark? Also, I was wondering where on earth you can get one? Would it be better to win one or two, would it even make a diffrence? How long would I hold to keep it surrounded by it's new home contained by order to hold that area as the place it flies spinal column to? Thanks for the help.
Answers: At Landlord - Homing pigeons are definately not extinct. That be the Passenger Pigeon (not to be mistaken as the Carrier pigeon, which believe it or not, wasn't what carried messages in the period of war. Carrier pigeons are actually a breed, not a bird that have a message attached to its back.)

Alright, you can preserve homing pigeons in a shut within, but there's no need contained by taking it inside. Your typical outside rabbit cage should be the immaculate size for a pair of homers, and should be not here outside. Moving their cage surrounded by could possibly stress them out, weakening their immune system and making them susceptible to disease. It's better to lately put a cage outside against the side of the house, paling, or whatever, and preserve it up a few feet sour the ground. This way, no predators similar to dogs will come during the night, fly up against the cage door, and startle them - also stressing them out. For a young homer that have never been released earlier, keep him surrounded by the cage for give or take a few 6 weeks before letting the door friendly. For a bit older ones (or young-looking ones that have be released at the old home), two months. Any that are a year old-fashioned or more should not be let out, or they will fly pay for to their original home.
If you want to own an inside pigeon, I suggest you get a fancy breed. Indian Fantails are the just what the doctor ordered bird for this purpose, and are very adjectives amoung pigeon fanciers.
If you let your Fantail outside during the year, make sure the hold is off the ground, but low satisfactory for it to fly back into it. Fantails can fly, but not hard by as well as homers. Fantails lone have to be kept surrounded by the cage for give or take a few a month, depending on its age. It can't get subsidise home on its own, but you want it to be familiar with its surroundings since you let it dance.
Pigeons aren't normally found at any pet stores, so it may be best to join up the Dove-pigeon group on Yahoo. I've already found a few people within my area beside birds I want. Plus, some of the Fantail and other pigeon associations have classifieds. Feathersite is a perfect place to see some of the common breeds (as in good health as a few not-so-common), pics of them, info, and links to clubs for that breed. If you have any more question reguarding pigeons, just message me. I don't want to label super long posts on this question, so messaging or emailing would be easier. After adjectives, most people don't want to read the really long answers.

Hope that help!
- Becky
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Well, no. One, you don't hold anything to keep the pigeons from escaping, and two, I don't estimate that they're easy to find at your average PetCo/PetSmart. Try other birds, research their desires then breed the decision. But from experience pets that are birds are EXTREMELY annoying! I have a parakeet in my second class class once, and I was put contained by the chair right subsequent to the cage. Nearly drove me nuts...
yes i have one a few years ago what you do is build a small home for it similar to a dog kennel but with a perch for it to seize in and out consequently get a severely young bird call a squab its to young to fly but can nurture its self put it in the home you enjoy built make sure its high-ranking enough to stop cats and other predators from getting to it the bird will become used to its surroundings and when it finally learn to fly will come back to its roost hop this help
This will be tough. Homing Pigeons have be extinct for awhile.
check this link its upright


Homing pigeons are not extinct, they are common worldwide, and they label great pets. Yes, you can keep them inside within a cage. I would recomend it be big ample so they can move around and flap their wings, and it is extremely exalted that you let them out to fly as normally as possible. Pigeons love to fly. Its also good to permit them have regualr access to a hip bath pan so they can go in swimming. They need food once or twice a daylight, grit at all times and verbs fresh water at adjectives times. Two pigeons are better than one, as they are flock birds and enjoy the company. How long you hold on to it in it's clean home depends on the age. Older pigeons who have be seasoned to a home already may take months. Younger pigeons may return home surrounded by only a few weeks. I don't where on earth you would get one surrounded by your area, I do know you can lay down pigeons from Foys Pigeon Supplies and similar stores, bet your best option would be to ask around and see if nearby is a breeder or a racing club contained by your area. Try going to the American Racing Pigeon Union Homepage and doing a club look into. You can send bad for brochures about pigeon contemplation from their website. You can also try a pigeon/bird/poultry auction, but be careful, habitually the birds are discards, not pure bred, and in poor robustness.
Good luck and Enjoy the homing pigeons. They're wonderful, amazing birds.

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