Are fragrant candles bad for you to my one year mature conure copycat?

I know im not allowed stinking plug-ins e.g glade or ambipure etc as i know parrot have petite respitary systems.
Answers: There was a post I read not long ago written by a guy who's little one budge had died 2 months after he get it. After the necropsy, the vet asked if he had be using some kind of airfreshener contained by his home. Turns out that he had be using Glade plug-ins.

A friend of mine - a dog owner - contacted the manufacturer of Fabreeze nouns freshener to ask if the product was undisruptive for pets. She thought it might be ok, because they have pets surrounded by their commercials, but she wanted to be sure. The company admit that the product was NOT not dangerous for use around ANY pets.

I don't use any store-bought airfreshening products and scented CANDLES because I bear my Grey to a HIGHLY respected Avian Specialist, and she has said that these products are really harmful to birds.

A bird may not drop unmoving the day you restrained a scented candle or plug contained by an airfreshener, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you are cutting years from its enthusiasm. I hear people utter things like "I use those products around my bird for 10 years and it's fine". Ok... so, what's stopping their bird from dropping comatose the 11 year? Nothing.

If you knew that a product be going to cut YOUR life down to 30 - 40 years, would you use it within your home? In homes where a bird is subjected to products that are detrimental to its health, the bird become a helpless prisoner to the owners selfish whims.

The answers you achieve on this site are not nessecarily the correct ones. People can tell you anything on here. Call a GOOD Avian Vet and ask their evaluation. There's no charge for a phone call to carry the answer. I hope this info has help you.

jtease had a apt suggestion. Also a nice bowl of fresh lemons and/or oranges and cinnamon sticks adds a nice scent to rooms. It looks nice too. Use your imagination and you can come up next to some attractive, nice smelling and safe alternatives to the toxic products.
they can be so I wouldnt risk it.
Hmm, interesting cross-examine. I would think so as they make a contribution off chemicals when adjectives. They shouldn't be given chocolate either. I used to save an Amazon parrot
Parrots own been none to become increasinly sensative to smells the elder they get. If you be to stick to the same candle smell for the duration of his go he would be find, but if you changed it weekly he would be more likely to become aggressive and pluck his on feathers out. Good luck and be careful/
Surely he's too young at heart to smoke
Have a look at, it's a great site that will answer most of your questions roughly speaking birds.
It isn't recommended. Parrot's have an extremely straitlaced respitary system and any sprays or chemical products can be harmful.
There are a band of sprays avaiable for your home, which are well suited to indoor birds. Call into your local vet, as most are sold near. Plus he/she will be able to recommend you further.
if they cannot take redolent plug ins it's best to keep them away, i would never want my bird dying of that.
i own had parrot for years i use plug in and malodorous i never knew you be not to use them untill i saw a post on the net i talk to the breeder who i got my birds from she burns them too so i asked a examine in my group how various have ever have abird die from a candle not one person could articulate they did they all said very well i heard you can so dont do it i reason when they started to make them they be toxic but new ways of doing things i dont know for sure but i can share you i had birds 10 years not one is comatose and my friend breeds them has 100s of them never one is unmoving
Anything that puts smoke or chemicals into the air can be uncertain for pet birds.
This includes frying of foods (oil droplets in air), room sprays, chemical cleaners (bleach/ammonia), bug sprays/repellents,self cleaning ovens, tobacco, ect.
Special vigilance must be taken as we don't always regard as about the use of household products.
I other cover the cage beside a clean cotton sheet or tablecloth when within is a danger to the birds.
It doesn't destroy the problem but will significantly reduce the jeopardy. Kinda like using a gas curtain.
To eliminate adjectives these things from your house and live even close to a normal vivacity is next to impossible,
I enjoy read all the articles and see people freak out on here over question like this but I'll be honest. I enjoy 10 birds all contained by the parot family and 2 of them only happen to be sun conures. And as I type this I enjoy 2 glade grease plug ins, 1 glade plug within, a cinnamon broom and I use foam carpet fresh and ALL my birds are on form, active and loving. I also use nonstick pan when I cook. Maybe if the birds is trapped in a small room where on earth they were overcome by the smell I dont know but approaching I said people will grant thumbs down for this answer but Ive had birds for YRS my cockatoo is 8 and I havent changed how I verbs my house or keep it smelling nice and I wont (no it doesnt smell from the birds but you know what I denote we all resembling nice smelling inviting homes) Someone on here once told me if I wanted a fresh smelling house unfold the windows. Well thats a great conception but where I live (and its not within tx anymore) it gets to NEGATIVE 50 surrounded by the winter so i DOUBT thats an option for me. Right immediately its 35 out so again NOT happening. As for candles I havent lit one within yrs I use a candle warming plate that you plug within but in the closing few months since my son is moble and into everything I dont even do that
Some people burn candle lite do candles with no problem and adjectives natural ones. You enjoy to becareful of any candle that has a metal wick as they are impossible for all living things.
I burn candles once surrounded by a while but downstairs away from the birds and the door to the birdroom is closed.
YES! Don't even think of burning one close your parrot. Purchase surrounded by a quality nouns purifier to clean & rid the atmosphere of odors & allergens in your home its better for you and your mimic.
I would avoid anything that is stinking as anything can be potentially harmful. Try using baking soda or charcoal nouns cleaners if you are really concerned about odour. I have used both without risk with my birds, but they do not set aside the same nice scent as the other items that you hold listed.
yeah i would say aloud its a risk. a lot of parrot and budgies are very sensitive to fragrant things and sprays, they could die.
I have a 16 year infirm parakeet I have used vanilla candles or lavender candles for years not knowing they are detrimental
it does not worry him

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