Am i taking worthy carefulness of my birds?

ok first i am a 11year old bird breeder i own 7 umbrella cockatoos and they get 10-15 hours a afternoon to play and i feed them 2-3 times a daylight and they get verbs new marine every day anf they capture they vitamins 2 times a day and afterwards they get a hip bath and they they go to sleep and they are unbelievably spolied =-]
Answers: If they are all within one macaw cage next no, they need life-size cages even if they spend lots of time out fo the enclose. Make sure htye have a proper diet(pellets, core, and frutis adn veggies minimum) With a good diet they won't entail vitamins. :) Other than that it sounds like you're doing great. Make sur ethye are getting 10-12 hours of unworried sleep a night as very well. :)
11 year old bird breeder? What nature of cages do you save these birds in? If you influence they are spoiled, I would have to utter that you are doing well, I guess. Shouldn't you be studying? :)

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